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Hogwarts is Home

The Game

Hogwarts is Home: The Game
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Harry Potter RPG

About the Game

Hogwarts. September 2005. Students returned from their homes where they spent the summer, and Voldemort still held the wizarding world tightly in his grasp. Everyone was afraid, and with good reason. There were rumours that The Boy Who Lived is out there, searching for the best way to defeat the Dark Lord. At Hogwarts, Dumbledore assured his students that the young man will succeed, and he tried to keep them as safe as possible. Aurors were stationed in and around Hogwarts and Hogsmeade for extra protection, and students were kept on a strict curfew.

No one may be out after dark without an Auror. Prefects and the Head Boy and Girl are expected to keep a close eye on their charges. Professors often disappear on mysterious missions.

This game is considered AU due to the very-much-alive presence of Albus Dumbledore; Severus Snape still teaches Potions at Hogwarts and is still a successful double agent. Horace Slughorn was taken on as a Defense Against the Dark Arts professor instead, and has succeeded in 'breaking the DADA curse'. All other book canon exists. Canon characters are not available to be played; all player-driven characters must be Original!

The Plot Up Until Now

The school year started off innocently enough; the most trouble that occurred involved a strong love potion being slipped into the morning juice, causing quite a ruckus for a few students (and professors!). Tension only really began picking up when Lucius Malfoy announced that he would be running for the Minister of Magic position -- something that most witches and wizards believed would never come to pass. Malfoy passed off his side of the story involving his actions with the Death Eaters, paid a visit to Hogwarts, and surprisingly won the election.

The corruption only just began.

Shortly after, on Halloween, the school was knocked on its heels after a double-muder -- a Slytherin girl and an Auror. The murderer? A Death Eater and professor -- Genevieve O'Dwyer; she ran to hide with what she thought was a trusted friend, a fellow professor who turned her in anonymously. She was sent to Azkaban, sentenced for life. That is, until she managed to escape nearly two months later, with the aide of a mysterious Death Eater.

To add to the turmoil of the students, one of their own was kidnapped on a trip to the Ministry -- only to be returned days later by Armand Victore, presumed Death Eater who seemingly went against Voldemort to help the young woman. The questions arose -- was the corruption really in the Ministry? Or in Hogwarts?

As another holiday drew near, another plot within the school continues to sent the world abuzz with concerns. It was only by an anonymous tip through the Ministry that the attack was halted and no students were harmed. Is Hogwarts really so safe?

Minister Malfoy thinks not; in fact, he sees it fit to invade Hogwarts and fix these wrongs. After all, the Ministry has been the solid ground throughout all of the trauma. But no one seems to realize that it's all part of Malfoy -- and Voldemort's -- master plan.

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Students & Professor Roster
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Archived Applications

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Application / Character Approval

We are only allowing canon openings -- five boys and five girls per year, per House. Also, we will be attempting to keep a good ratio of Pureblood/Halfblood/Muggleborn characters. To see available years/Houses/positions/bloodlines, go here!

Please note that special abilities (Animagus, Arithmancer, Legilimens, Metamorphmagus, Occlumens, Parselmouth, Seer) are extremely rare and must be Mod-approved. If you wish to even attempt having one of these skills, it must be explained and believable; for example, a fifth-year Muggleborn would be highly unlikely to have developed Legilimens skills.

If you have reached your current character limit and wish to reserve a Body Model, list it here; we will allow you to hold only one Body Model at a time (unless you are allowed two initial characters, in which case you may hold two), and it is first-come, first-serve.

To fill out an application and apply, go here! If it is too long for one comment, please break it down into multiple comments, labeling each part in the subject line.

Moderators - Contact the Mods
inanutshell10 / hardnottowander

Promotion / Hiatus

Please feel free to use the buttons below to advertise TG on your userinfo, or to alert players of a hiatus; note that only Haitus posts made in the OOC community will be considered legitimate warning when dealing with inactivity! The button is merely convenient for anyone who may be looking for you, thus going to your journal to look for any recent activity.

This game was created on February 22, 2006, derived from a system, onceupona_hp, which another mod used back in November of '05; any game using our system without proper credit did not ask for permission. We are lenient and understanding, but ripoffs are not cool. Please let us know if you see an incident like this. Thank you!

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