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Hey to any old TG'ers.

Well, I finally did it. I went back through all my favourite old threads and made a copy. I've only been meaning to do so since 2012, geez.

If anyone else is interested in doing the same, I'd recommend It's a website where you can make a custom book of whatever you want. It's what I used to create a book of favourite TG threads and it was simple to do.

My time with the original TG (before all the drama and changes) was such an amazing time and I'll always remember it fondly. I only wish I was still in touch with those I was particularly close with. If any of you ever stumble across this post, feel free to hit me up sometime. It'd be brilliant to catch up. midnightdream__ (I don't update it anymore but my e-mail is the same).

I promise I will stop posting random placeholders in fear of the community getting deleted and purged. It's been 9 years... it's time to say goodbye for good, darling TG ♥.

Emily (player of, at one point or another: Adriana, Lexi, Morgan, Alex, Hazel, Maddie, & Bree)
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Just a reminder, the poll for names goes up tonight, so PLEASE POST NOW OR FOREVER HOLD YOUR PEACE if you have one you want to be in the runnings.

Also, if you haven't done the mod-poll, ALSO VOTE NOW so we can get this tie that's going on out of the way.

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Week Name/Date/Time: "Duelly Noted" / Saturday, December 2nd, 2006 / 9:50 AM
Location: Quidditch Pitch

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This is the OFFICAL Quidditch thread! Please direct all your posts here if your character is at or in the game! Regular posting order does not apply! Also, please keep thread lines seperated-- for instance, if my character is playing, I'd have him on one line within the thread, and if your character has nothing to do with him, other than watching, please DON'T REPLY TO HIM, but reply to the original comment and start your own line for their positions! People in the same parts, however, can interact-- and if a character in the stands wants to interact with a player, all they have to do is post on his thread-line :) Please have, for the post part, all players interacting on the same line so we can make sure that, time-wise, all members of the team know what is going on at once!

Go for it.